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Granulator GL10

Motor: 7,5Kw, RPM: 1440, Blades 380mm straight 3 moving, 7 static. Price is Excl VAT.

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Sifter ST02

2,2Kw Motor, 2 size outlet, 1 oversize outlet, Diameter: 250mm Price is Excl VAT

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Paddle Mixer PM05

Grade: Mild Steel, Paddle Mixer. Diameter 755mm, Length: 2440, 15Kw 380 Volts Motor, 1440 Rpm, 300mm Crofts Gearbox. Ratio: 40 – 1, Central Outlet. Price is ...

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Granulator GL09

Make: Alpine Augsburg, Motor: 18Kw, Volts: 380, 3 Rotary Blades. Blades: 140mm x 140mm x 20mm. Hopper: 320mm x 835mm, Height: off Hopper: 220mm. Price is Excl ...

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Pyramid Roller PR01

Roller Height: 2500mm, Diameter 340mm: Top Roller x 2500mm, Diameter 280: Bottom Roller x 2500mm, Diameter 280: Bottom Roller x 2500mm. Capacity: 16,0mm Thick P...

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Piston Filler PF03

Grade: Stainless Steel, make: Piston Filling Machine, Model: RGD0F100, Serial Number: 0232288, Filling Capacity: 10ml – 1000ml, Speed: 10 – 20 bottles per minut...

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Shrink Tunnel Table Model ST07

Power single phase, Volts: 220, Motor: 0,37Kw. Tunnel. Height: 200mm, Width: 425mm, Length: 800mm. Conveyor. Length: 1170mm, Width: 425mm, Total Height: 490mm,...

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Vibrating Screen ST03

Make: Heid Austria, Volts :220/380, Amps: 0,9/0,5, Kw: 0,23, UpM: 2600, Hz: 50. Price is Excl VAT.

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Tilting Pot/Autoclave AC01

Grade: Stainless Steel, Steam Jacketed with tilting action. 200 Lt, Depth: 500mm, Diameter: 700mm. Price is Excl VAT

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SM03 - 1


Item Sold-Homogeniser Silverson Mixer

Grade: Stainless Steel, Silverson Mixer, 3Kw, 380 Volts, 2855 Rpm. Price is Exl VAT

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Cosmetic Cream Filler CF01

Grade: Stainless Steel 50 – 500ml, Manuel or fully auto, height adjustable for different bottle sizes. PRICE IS EXCL VAT

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Item Sold-Tank TK41

Grade: Stainless Steel, Barrel: 1230, Diameter: 1150, Jacketed: 390, Cone: 700, , Outlet: 50, Legs: 1160. PRICE IS EXCL VAT

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Acu Wrap Pallet Wrapper

Diameter: 3000, Kw: 0,75,Rpm: 1420, Volts: 380, 50 HZ Price is EXCL VAT

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Red Gravity Roller Conveyor RRC02

On stand, Length: 1965mm, Width: 560mm, Roller Diameter: 60mm, Pitch: 100, Legs: 390mm. PRICE IS EXCLUDING VAT

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Item Sold-Conveyor (Aluminium frame) CA04

Length: 2253, Width: 1060, Roller Diameter: 60mm, Pitch: 65. PRICE IS EXCLUDING VAT.

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Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor HRC01

Length: 2600 x 490 Width. Roller Diameter: 64 mm 2 In Stock R 3000 each. PRICE IS EXCLUDING VAT

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Blue Gravity Rollers Conveyors BRC01

Length: 3045, Width: 600, Roller Diameter: 50mm, Pitch: 80, 37 Rollers. Heavy Duty frame. 5 In stock R 3800 each. PRICE IS EXCLUDING VAT

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Item Sold-Screen Stainless Steel STS02

Single Deck, Diameter: 1200(48”), Depth 320, Total Height: 880, Volts: 380, Vibrating Motor: 1,1 Kw, Rpm: 2980. PRICE IS EXCLUDING VAT

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Item Sold-Screen Stainless Steel STS01

Single Deck, Diameter 1440(60”), Depth: 450, Total Height 1010 ,Nolid, Volts:380, Vibrating Motor: 1.1 Kw, Rpm: 2980, side outlet. No Lid. PRICE IS EXCLUDING V...

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Tumble Mixer TM01

Grade: Stainless Steel, Tumble Mixer, Length: 940, Width: 940, Depth: 940, Outlet: 90, Inlet: 295, Motor: 2.2 Kw, Rpm: 1400 with gearbox on stand,40 Kg Mix. P...

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Cone Auger Mixer, 1,5 Cubic Metre CAM01

Grade: Stainless Steel, Cone Auger Mixer, Barrel: 1000, Cone: 1065, Diameter: 1190, Motor: 15Kw, Rpm: 1400, Ratio: 40,59/1, Volts: 380. On Mezzanine Tudor. 1 1...

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Nauta Mixer, 2 Cubic Metre NM01

Grade: Stainless Steel, Nauta Mixer, Top of cone diameter 1600, Cone 2400mm, Motor: 4 Kw, Rpm: 1440 with gearbox, Motor 0.37 Kw, Rpm: 1380, Ratio: 85.1, Volts: ...

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RR 820 000.00 Excluding VAT

Decanter Centrifuge

Make: Siebtechnik, Model: DZ4L, Length of chamber: 1.9m, Diameter of barrel: 420mm, Motor size: 55Kw AC inverter, 30Kw AC inverter, Fully reconditioned at cost ...

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Item Sold-Blower

Make: Konskilde, Model: SUC300, Ideal for transporting grain or plastic pellets from a pile to a silo, Kw: 22, Output: ±20ton p/hr, Rotary feeder and cyclone, M...

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R38 000.00 Excluding VAT


Make: Konskilde, Model: KF40, Motor extraction fan: 5.5 Kw, Rpm: 2 900, Cleaning capacity: 40ton p/hr on Barley, Complete with cyclone and soak box. Contact De...

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R75 000.00 Excluding VAT

Item Sold-Electroplating Plant

6 off Polypropylene tanks, Tank length: 610 mm, Tank width: 610 mm, Tank depth: 610 mm, All on 300 mm stands, Length: 1 250 mm, Width: 900 mm, Depth: 600 mm, Wi...

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Shrink Tunnel with Sealer

Make: Smipack, Model: FP6000, Ideal for packing fruit, vegies, meat and much more, Output up to 2 400 packs p/hr, Automatic sealer, Emergency button, Safety dev...

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Item Sold-Shrink Tunnel with L Sealer

Make: Shrink Packaging Machinery, Conveyor length: 1 330 mm, Conveyor width: 400 mm, Mech conveyor, Tunnel length: 1 000 mm, Tunnel width: 465 mm, Tunnel height...

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Item Sold-L Sealer

Make: Minipack Torre SPA, Length: 850 mm, Width: 550 mm, Height: 1 100 mm, Seal bar length: 430 mm, Seal bar width: 550 mm, Seal bar height: 150 mm, Digital pro...

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R28 000.00 Excluding VAT

Shrink Tunnel & L Sealer

Shrink Tunnel: Agents: Globe Trading Group, Volts: 380 + Neutral, 3 Phase, 50Hz, Power: 9Kw, Conveyor length: 1600mm, Conveyor width: 520mm, Tunnel widt...

1402 total views, 0 today

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