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Ribbon Blender – RB20

Ribbon Blender Stainless Steel, Vertical, Barrel: 1250mm Diameter: 1500mm, Cone: 880mm, Motor: 7,5Kw, HP Geared Motor. Mixer is filled from the top, product...

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Inkjet Printers IP03

2 Off Inkjet Printers. Batch No: Date and Expiry Date. R 20 000.00 Each Excluding VAT You can also Contact Mike 082 410 4012 Michelle 081 490 3965 Hans...

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Shrink Wrapper SW09

Belt Width: 550mm, Length: 2150mm. Tunnel Height: 365mm, Width: 685mm, Length: 3150mm. L Sealer Height: 420mm, Seal Blade Width: 640mm. Complete with Cooling ...

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Nyko Shrink Wrapper NSW08

NYKO, Model ST 650, Belt Width: 615mm, Length: 1920mm. Tunnel Height: 390mm, Width: 610mm, Length: 1000mm. Wrapper Height: 410mm, Length: 700mm, Width Heater an...

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Label Machine LB04

1 Off Labelling Machine. Conveyor Width: 85mm, Length: 5000mm. Label Max Width: 150mm. R 90 000.00 Excluding VAT You Can Contact Mike 082 410 4012 Michelle...

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Four Head Fillers FHF05

2 Off 4 Head Fillers 350ml – 2L. Semi-Automatic or Automatic. Feed Gravity. Belt Width: 85mm, Belt Length: 5000mm, Control Panel. R 120 000.00 each ...

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Kongskilde Pre Cleaner (V)

Make: Kongskilde Pre-Cleaner (V) KIA 12. Conveyor Auger, 0,75Kw Geared Motor with inlet Hopper. 3700mm Length, 100mm Diameter. Price is Excl VAT. Michelle: 0...

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Kongskilde Screw Conveyor KSC01

Make: Kongskilde Screw Conveyor, 2,700mm Length, 80mm Diameter. 1,1Kw Geared Motor. Price is Excl VAT. Michelle: 0814903965 desk@universatile.co.za

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Trough Conveyor (Q) TC01

Trough Conveyor (Q), 5000mm Length, 200mm Diameter, 0,75Kw Geared Motor. Price is Excl VAT. Michelle: 0814903965 desk@universatile.co.za

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Auger Conveyor (W) AC04

Auger Conveyor (W). 0,37Kw Geared Motor. 100mm Diameter, 2500mm Length with Inlet Hopper. Price is Excl VAT. Michelle: 0814903965 desk@universatile.co.za

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Hopper 12 Ton HP01

Width: 2500mm, Length: 3000mm, Height: 2450mm, Cone 1250mm. Conveyor under Hopper, Length: 3650mm, Diameter: 200mm, 0,2Kw Geared Motor Variable Speed. Price is...

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Cyclone And Blower C0B05

Cyclone (AG). Barrel: 1240mm, Cone: 1000mm, Outlet: 175mm. Rotary Feeder. 1,5Kw Geared Motor. Blower Make: Rand Blower. Serial Number: J1204 Type: HPE. Size: 3...

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Stainless Steel Hopper HP01

Grade: Stainless Steel Hopper, 500Kg Stainless Steel Holding Hopper, 500Kg Stainless Steel Auger Feeding Hopper, 125mm Diameter. 0,37Kw Geared Motor Variable Sp...

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Bronto Extruder BE01

Make: Bronto Extruder E 1000, 55Kw Motor, 380 Volts, 500kg Hour Cooking Maize Meel, Hopper feeding Extruder. Price is Excl VAT. desk@universatile.co.za Miche...

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Feeding Auger With Pre-Cleaner (AE) FAC02

Feeding Christy Norris Hammer Mill. Cleaner Auger. Auger Length 3000mm, Diameter: 100mm, 1,5Kw Geared Motor. 1380 Length. 100mm, 20mm Screen, 1,5Kw Geared Motor...

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Screw Feeder (AH) Feeding Bin SFB01

Screw Feeder. (AH) Feeding Bin. 7000mm Length, 2,2Kw Geared Motor, 200mm Diameter. Price is Excl VAT. desk@universatile.co.za Michelle: 0814903965

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2018-10-25 14.20.53


Christi Norris Hammer Mill CHM01

Grade: Mild Steel Christy Norris Hammer Mill. Diameter: 800mm, 150 Hammers, Motor: 55Kw, 3000 Rpm Speed. Model X 26 with permanent Magnet at Inlet. Rated up to...

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Milone – Flour Mill FM01

Milone Flour Mill, Grinder speed: 960 Rpm, 220 Volts. H.P.0.5 50Hz, Amp – 3, Phase: A/c1. Rating Period – 1 Hours. Capacity of Hopper: 4Kgs. Temperature: 55C. t...

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Jolly Mixer Stainless Steel (Ribbon Blender) JM01

Grade: Stainless Steel, Capacity: 2500L, Length: 2780mm, Top Width: 1120mm. Bottom half trough, Stainless Steel Auger Diameter. Double refiner blades 2 off Moto...

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Hammer Mill (S) HM07

Hammer Mill (S), 700mm Diameter, 20 Hammer 100 x 50 x 10mm. 30Kw Motor. Price is Excl VAT. desk@universatile.co.za 0814903965

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Hammer Mill (X) HM06

Hammer Mill (X), 300mm Width, 900mm Diameter. 80 blades 130 x 70 x 10mm, Motor 37Kw. Price is Excl VAT.

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Hammer Mill (N) HM05

Hammer Mill (N), 30Kw Motor, 800mm Diameter, 30 Hammers. 150 x 70 x 8mm. Width 250mm, 1mm Screen. Price is Excl VAT.

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Jaw Crusher JW04

Type STRB, Make: Hadfield, single toggle, roller bearings, machine number: SA449. Size 12 x 7, No Motor, 5,5Kw, 380 Volts. 12 x 7. Price is Excl VAT.

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Jaw Crusher JW05

Type: PE 500X 750, Make: Shanghai Jans Le Luqia Machinery. Single Toggle, Roller Bearings Discharger Width 75+- 25mm, Feed open 500x750, Motor 55Kw. Rpm: 980 No...

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Granulator GL10

Motor: 7,5Kw, RPM: 1440, Blades 380mm straight 3 moving, 7 static. Price is Excl VAT.

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Sifter ST02

2,2Kw Motor, 2 size outlet, 1 oversize outlet, Diameter: 250mm Price is Excl VAT

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Paddle Mixer PM05

Grade: Mild Steel, Paddle Mixer. Diameter 755mm, Length: 2440, 15Kw 380 Volts Motor, 1440 Rpm, 300mm Crofts Gearbox. Ratio: 40 – 1, Central Outlet. Price is ...

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Granulator GL09

Make: Alpine Augsburg, Motor: 18Kw, Volts: 380, 3 Rotary Blades. Blades: 140mm x 140mm x 20mm. Hopper: 320mm x 835mm, Height: off Hopper: 220mm. Price is Excl ...

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Pyramid Roller PR01

Roller Height: 2500mm, Diameter 340mm: Top Roller x 2500mm, Diameter 280: Bottom Roller x 2500mm, Diameter 280: Bottom Roller x 2500mm. Capacity: 16,0mm Thick P...

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Piston Filler PF03

Grade: Stainless Steel, make: Piston Filling Machine, Model: RGD0F100, Serial Number: 0232288, Filling Capacity: 10ml – 1000ml, Speed: 10 – 20 bottles per minut...

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Classified Ads / Most Popular

R1 500.00 Excluding VAT

Bread Slicer

Single 330mm x 165mm, 220 Volt    

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photo of Used Radicon gearbox for sale

R15 000.00 Excluding VAT

Gearboxes Radicon

Gearboxes  Radicon  For Sale: Refurbished radicon gearboxes available, Price: R15,000 excl vat each. 14 Inch, 40- 1 Ratio A few radicon gearboxes for ind...

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photo Used Ribbon Blender for sale

R65 000.00 Excluding VAT

Blender – Ribbon Blender

 Industrial Ribbon Blender For Sale: 1 x  Stainless Steel  Ribbon Blender Price R 65,000 excl vat Stainless Steel non magnetic, Capacity 500 litre, 1.8...

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photo ofUsed Silo for sale

R58,000 excl vat From


 Silo For Sale - 2014:     1 x 90 Ton Industrial Cement Silo for sale, Price - R58,000 excl vat Specific gravity of cement working on 1.8 ton per cubic m...

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photo Used Ribbon Blender for sale

R65 000.00 Excluding VAT

Ribbon Blender

Stainless Steel, 500 liter capacity, 625 mm diameter x 1,210 mm length, No 6 Radicon gearbox, 5.5 kw motor, Tilting action for emptying, 150 m...

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Photo Turbo Mixer with Hopper for sale

R80 000.00 Excluding VAT

Mixer – Turbo

1 x Refurbished Stainless Steel Turbo Mixing Machine for sale, 400 Liter Stainless Steel Double Screw Feed with Hopper 50 Kw Motor    

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Photo: Used Hobart mixer for sale White 75Litre

R48 000.00 Excluding VAT

Hobart Mixer

75 Litre Capacity - Flame proof motor, reconditioned - Flameproof starter, reconditioned - 3 Kw motor - whisk - slow up to fast Speed - motor winder to release ...

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photo Used Centrifugal Pump for sale


Centrifugal Pump

 Centrifugal Pump for sale: 1 x  Refurbished Centrifugal Pump for sale, Price -  R7,500 excl vat Make: Grunfos Pump on base, Outlet: 45 mm, Inlet: 6...

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photo Used Bottle Filling Plant for sale

R180 000.00 Excluding VAT

Bottle Filling Plant

  Made in 1980, Production: 120 bottles per min, (Bottling plant for almost 60,000 units per 8 hours shift). Can fill 100 ml,  250 ml,  500 ml, 1,25 l...

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photo Used Production Heater for sale

R2 500.00 Excluding VAT

Production Heater

  Diameter: 440 mm, Height: 995 mm,  Holds 20 L Side outlet: 35 mm, With valve, 220 volt.  

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photo Used Rotary drier for sale


Drier – Rotory Drier

 Drier Rotary For Sale: 1 x Stainless Steel Rotary drier for sale - Price: R45,000 excl vat. Make Tegnon (Jones) Approx External Dimensions:L=3,000mm Ø...

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photo Used Lobe Pump for sale


Lobe Pump

Lobe Pump for sale: 1 x Industrial Lobe Pump for sale, Price: R4,500 excl vat Stainless steel Lobe Pump, 5.5 kw, 380 volt, Outlet: 45 mm, Inlet: 50 mm. 1...

16796 total views, 2 today

photo Used Hobart Mixer for sale

R20 000.00 Excluding VAT

Mixer – Hobart

 Mixer -  Hobart  for sale: 1 x Pre-Owned Hobart Mixer for sale, Price -  R20,000 excl vat Made in: China 25 liter capacity, 3 speed gearbox, 380 volt. 1...

15224 total views, 1 today

photo Used Paddle Mixer for sale

R11 5000.00 Excluding VAT

Mixer – Paddle Mixer

 Mixer Paddle  for sale: 1 x Refurbished Paddle Mixer for sale, Price: R115,000 excl vat   15Kw flame proof motor, 1,440 RPM Hydraulic drive (tor...

14580 total views, 4 today

photo Cone of Stainless steel Silos

R368 000.00 Excluding VAT

Silo Stainless Steel

Silo Stainless Steel  For Sale: 3 x Stainless Steel Silos for sale Price - R368,000 excl vat each. Height: +- 12m, Diameter:+- 3m, Diameter of upper Cat Walk:+-...

13688 total views, 0 today

Photo: 10m Cherry picker for sale

R28 000.00 Excluding VAT

Cherry Pickers

Hydraulic Operated with a New Hydraulic pump Height:  8 - 10 Metres 1.1 Kw Motor 220 Volt Base of Machine 1 Metre Wide 2.9 Metres Long Length out riggers ...

10794 total views, 1 today

photo Used Refuse bailer for sale

R25 000.00 Excluding VAT

Refuse Baler

  11 Kw Motor, x 3 phase, Overall length 2,000mm. Complete with control panel.        

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photo: Used Hammer Mill for sale

R86 000.00 Each Excluding VAT

Hammer Mill

Hammermill (Rock) 30kw Microniser 30kw    Main drum 350 mm, Main drum with hammers in flight 750 mm, Hammers have hardened tips, 20 mm screen, T...

8599 total views, 2 today

photo 5 Deck Mogensen Sizer for sale

R60 000.00 Excluding VAT

Mogenson Sizer

 Mogenson Sizer For Sale: 1 x Pre-owned Morgenson 5 screen sizer for sale, Price R60,000 excl vat Mild Steel 5 Deck 1.200mm wide x 1600mm long Double vi...

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R9,000 and R14,000

Cooling Towers

 Cooling Towers For Sale: 2 x Reconditioned Cooling Towers for sale Prices From R9,000 excl vat and R14,000 excl vat. 1) Searle bush fully reconed (CRE...

6820 total views, 2 today

photo Flow Wrapper for sale

R120 000.00 Excluding VAT

Flow Wrapper

 Flow Wrapper For Sale - Plastic Wrapper Packaging Equipment: 1 x Rose Furgrove Flow wrapper for sale, Price - R120,000 excl vat   Make: Rose Forg...

6731 total views, 2 today

photo Used Paint Mixer for sale


Mixer – Paint Mixer

Mixer- Paint Mixer  for sale:   1 x Mild Steel Mixer for sale,Price - R25,000 excl vat Multi blade stirrer, KW: 11, Motor: 380 volt, On stands, Side outlet: 1 8...

6682 total views, 1 today

photo Used Mild Steel Dryer for sale

R85 000.00 Excluding VAT

Dryer Mild Steel

Dryer Mild Steel  For Sale: 1 x Pre- Owned Dryer (Mild Steel) Price -  R85,000 excl vat   This Industrial machine comes with a stair case , heater...

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photo 1.1Kw Blower for Granulator

R60 000.00 Excluding VAT


  Granulator For Sale: 1 x Granulator for sale Price R60,000 excl vat. Make: Avain GM 300/300 with 7.5Kw Motor Blower:  1.1Kw Cutting Chamber:  300 x 30...

6169 total views, 1 today

photo Used Centrifuge Lab for sale

R2 400.00 Excluding VAT


   Variable speed, 220 volt, Tubes holder size 20 mm, No tubes.   Contact: Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike 082 410...

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Pic Used Shrink tunnel for sale

R72,000 From

Shrink Wrap Tunnel

 Shrink Wrapping machine for sale: Shrink Wrapping machine for sale, Price - R72,000 excl vat Make: Fair pack Fully automatic, Model: 65 SA 40, 6 x 3...

5739 total views, 1 today

Photo: Shrink wrap tunnel for sale

R14 000.00 Excluding VAT

Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Make:  Levy and Smith Model:  TMT Serial No:  49261 Tunnel:  750 Long x 550 Wide x 250 Height (6 Kw - 11 Amps) Conveyor:  460mm wide x 1,420mm long Rol...

5430 total views, 1 today

pic - Used Mild steel Tank for sale

R25 000.00 Excluding VAT

Tank (Mild Steel )

 Tank For Sale: 1 x pre-owned Mild Steel tank for sale, Price -  R25,000 excl vat. Vertical 10,000 Litres on Legs Barrel length: 2,300 mm, Diameter: 2,400 mm, C...

5327 total views, 0 today

Photo of Scissor lift for sale


Scissor Lift

 Scissor Lift for sale: 1 x Pre-Owned Scissor Lift for sale, Price -  R15,000 excl vat Dimensions: 760 x 1520 Height:  2,200mm Max Folded(Resting) Height: 400mm...

4948 total views, 2 today

photo Used Triple Roller Mill for sale

R85 000.00 Excluding VAT

Roller Mill

3 off rollers, diameter  150 x 400 Height,  106 Width, 900 Length,  1,200 NO MOTOR  

4662 total views, 1 today

Classified Ads / Random

R28 800.00 Excluding VAT

Mixer Continuous

2 off geared motors: 2.2 Kw, Cat walkway and ladder, Screw diameter: 275 mm, Length of screw: 900 mm. Contact Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za ...

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used diesel engine with centrifugal pump for sale 1


Diesel Engine with Centrifugal Pump

Type: ETA New 8 – 315 Impeller size: 309 mm, KW: 115, Nominal flow 95 cubic metre x hour, Nominal head: 20 metres Driven by: 3 cylinder Ford, ...

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Photo: 10m Cherry picker for sale

R28 000.00 Excluding VAT

Cherry Pickers

Hydraulic Operated with a New Hydraulic pump Height:  8 - 10 Metres 1.1 Kw Motor 220 Volt Base of Machine 1 Metre Wide 2.9 Metres Long Length out riggers ...

10794 total views, 1 today


R35 250.00 Excluding VAT

Mixer (Mild Steel)

Heavy Duty, Similar to “Z” blade mixing action, Capacity: 1 000 litres, Bottom valve to empty, HP: 40, Flame proof motor, 2 Speed gearbox. Contact Adel...

689 total views, 1 today


R30 000.00 Excluding VAt

Feeder – Rotary (Stainless Steel)

Make: A M D, Model: S15B116, Diameter: 350 mm, Geared motor: 1,5 Kw, Rpm; 27. Contact: Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike 082 410 4012/...

735 total views, 0 today

photo of Used Vertical leaf filter for sale

R24 000.00 Excluding VAT

Vertical Leaf Filter

Stainless Steel 6 Plates, High pressure jacketed, 7.5 Kw, 380 Volt - 3 Phase Flame proof motor and pump, 950mm diameter 300mm depth Contact: ...

2063 total views, 2 today

photo Used single door oven for sale

R14 000.00 Excluding VAT


1 x Industrial oven for sale, 1,140 x  780 x  640 Single Door 6 Elements at 12 Kw each  

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R31 500.00 Excluding VAT

Evaporative Cooler

Make: Protek, Serial No:, Air Flow: 19.3 m³/s, Direct Fan: 18.5 kw, Indirect Fan Front: 3 kw, Indirect Fan Back: 3 kw, Pump 1: 3 kw, Pump 2: ...

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R29 600.00 Each Excluding VAT

Vibro Mill

Make: William Buolton Vibro Energy, Used for carbon, Diameter: 1 400 mm, Depth: 450 mm, Centre: 660 mm, On stand. Contact: Adele: 081 490 3965/ desk@univ...

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R28 000.00 Excluding VAT

Mixer (Stainless Steel)

Capacity: 400 litres, Speed: 7.5/ 11 Kw, Rpm: 10, Volts: 380, Diameter: 1 020mm, Depth: 720 mm, On stand, Two lids, Outlet: 40 mm. Contact: Adele: 0...

641 total views, 0 today

photo Used Centrifuge Lab for sale

R2 400.00 Excluding VAT


   Variable speed, 220 volt, Tubes holder size 20 mm, No tubes.   Contact: Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike 082 410...

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Item Sold-Blower

Make: Konskilde, Model: SUC300, Ideal for transporting grain or plastic pellets from a pile to a silo, Kw: 22, Output: ±20ton p/hr, Rotary feeder and cyclone, M...

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Jolly Mixer Stainless Steel (Ribbon Blender) JM01

Grade: Stainless Steel, Capacity: 2500L, Length: 2780mm, Top Width: 1120mm. Bottom half trough, Stainless Steel Auger Diameter. Double refiner blades 2 off Moto...

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Photo: Pre-owned forklift For Sale

R48 000.00 Excluding VAT

Forklift x1 – Sit Down Rider

 Forklift For Sale: 1 x Sit down rider forklift for sale - pre-owned,  Price -  R48,000 excl vat NOT  REFURBISHED 1 Industrial Forklift for sale, For vei...

2038 total views, 0 today



Tumble Mixer TM01

Grade: Stainless Steel, Tumble Mixer, Length: 940, Width: 940, Depth: 940, Outlet: 90, Inlet: 295, Motor: 2.2 Kw, Rpm: 1400 with gearbox on stand,40 Kg Mix. P...

151 total views, 0 today


R3 500.00 Excluding VAT


Motor: Leeroy Somer, New motor, Kw: 0.55, RPM: 2 750, Inlet: 95 mm, Outlet: 90 mm. Contact: Adele: 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike: 082 410...

455 total views, 2 today



Shrink Tunnel Table Model ST07

Power single phase, Volts: 220, Motor: 0,37Kw. Tunnel. Height: 200mm, Width: 425mm, Length: 800mm. Conveyor. Length: 1170mm, Width: 425mm, Total Height: 490mm,...

84 total views, 1 today


R6 400.00 Excluding VAT

Auto Clave (Stainless Steel)

Make: Greenish & Basterfield Pty, Diameter: 1 050 mm, Capacity: 500 litres, Depth: 800 mm, Steam jacketed. Contact: Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile....

703 total views, 0 today


R18 000.00 Excluding VAT

Freezer Dryer

Make: Secfroid, Vacuum chamber, Height: 250 mm, Width: 250 mm, Depth: 345 mm, Volts: 220, KW: 0.05, Vacuum pump, 2 stage, Make: Industruvac. Contact: ...

403 total views, 1 today


R16 000.00 Excluding VAT


Kw: 3, RPM: 1 430, Mouth size: 250 mm x 200 mm x 120 mm, 3 rotary blades, 7 x 3 blades, Blades: 40 mm x 30 mm, Belt driven, Blade speed: 900Rpm, On whee...

363 total views, 0 today


R52 000.00 Excluding VAT

Shrink Tunnel & L Sealer

Tunnel Width: 750 mm, Tunnel Height: 410 mm, Tunnel Length: 1 000 mm, Conveyor Length: 2 350 mm, Conveyor Width: 565 mm, Variable speed conveyor. Contact:...

783 total views, 1 today

Used Scissor Lift ( Personnel Working Platform) For Sale

R84 000.00 Excluding VAT

Scissor Lift (Personnel Working Platform)

Working height up to 6.1 metre, Platform height: 4.5 metre, Weight: 981 kg, Lifts: 304 kg, Slide out deck extension with slip resistance surface, Non marki...

904 total views, 0 today


R52 500.00 Excluding VAT


Make: ITT Goulds, Stainless steel, Type: AF 14x14-14, 1 504 m³ p/h, Rpm: 964, Moto: 45 Kw, Volt: 525, Inlet diameter: 360 mm, Outlet diameter: 360 mm, ...

740 total views, 0 today


R6 500.00 Excluding VAT

Vibratory Feeder

Variable speed, Volt: 220, Outlet height: 2 100 mm, Stainless steel hopper, Hopper size: 600 mm x 500 mm, Depth: 400 mm, Mild steel stand. Contact: Adel...

650 total views, 0 today


R28 000.00 Excluding VAT

Tank (Stainless Steel)

Capacity: 6 000 litre, Depth: 1 600 mm, Diameter: 2 120 mm, Dished bottom, Central outlet. Contact Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike 082 4...

550 total views, 1 today


R16 000.00 Excluding VAT

Incubator (Stainless Steel)

Make; Memmert Schwabach, Volts 380 / 220, Watts; 5400, Temperature; 30 - 180 degree C, Width; 1000 mm, Height; 1210 mm, Depth; 600 mm, No trays. Contact...

685 total views, 1 today



Item Sold-L Sealer

Make: Minipack Torre SPA, Length: 850 mm, Width: 550 mm, Height: 1 100 mm, Seal bar length: 430 mm, Seal bar width: 550 mm, Seal bar height: 150 mm, Digital pro...

352 total views, 0 today

photo 2nd hand Stainless steel bath for sale

R5 000.00 Excluding VAT

Bath (Stainless steel)

Bath (Stainless steel ) For Sale: Made out of Stainless Steel Price R5,000 excl vat 1,800 x 370 x 310mm on legs, central outlet with valve 1 x Industrial...

4087 total views, 2 today


R85 000.00 Each Excluding VAT

Nik Nak Extruder

Fully reconditioned by Double Die Makers, All parts are standard and available off the shelf, Diameter: 75 mm, Motor main drive: 7.5 Kw, Screw feede...

846 total views, 1 today


R35 000.00 Excluding VAT

Bucket Elevator Z Type

Make: Meyer Machine Company, Model: Pa152-65, Serial no: 997/13, Width: 360 mm x 425 mm, Height: 4 050 mm, Length: 2 930 mm, Bucket: 150 mm, Motor: 0.75 ...

666 total views, 1 today

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