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pic Closing Pressure Plates for Filter Press

R86 000.00 Excluding VAT

Filter Press

  Approximately 1,030  liter with automatic hydraulic system 60 Mpa closing pressure. Polypropylene plates, 20 Plates, 800 x 800, cake  size 700...

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photos: Second Hand Mincer for sale

R22 000.00 Excluding VAT


 Mincer for sale: 1 x Pre-owned industrial mincer for sale Price -  R22,000 excl vat Heavy Duty Make:  Crown Okto Chain Driven 160 Litre 52mm, 380 Volts Complet...

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photo 100 Bar Hydraulic Press for sale

R96 000.00 Excluding VAT

Hydraulic Press

150 ton with power pack, 100 bar, Ram: 300 mm, Stroke: 400 mm. Contact Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike 082 410 4012/ mike@universatile.co...

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photo Used flow wrapper for sale

R65000 From


 Flow Wrapper For Sale :   x1 Flow Wrapping machine for sale, Price R85.000 excl vat Make: Hopak Variable speed, Digital temperature control, Table mounted,  12...

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pic of Box strapping machine for sale

R55 000.00 Excluding VAT

Box Strapping Machine

Box Strapping Machine For Sale: 1 x Industrial box strapping machine Price -  R55 000,00 excl vat Strapack Corp Automatic Model MU - 3 Machine No: D001...

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Photos Used Filter Press for sale


Filter Press

 Filter Press For Sale: 1 x Industrial filter press machine for sale Price R260,000 excl vat. No 30A, Approximately 4,401 litre, with automatic hydrauli...

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photo: Reconditioned Pelletizer for sale

R450 000.00 Excluding VAT


Sprout Waldron 26/300. (26 inch die and 210kw motor) Gearbox 100% Capacity of 5 to 10 tons p/hour depending on the size of the die. Comes with 6mm 26" die an...

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photo 2nd hand Stainless steel bath for sale

R5 000.00 Excluding VAT

Bath (Stainless steel)

Bath (Stainless steel ) For Sale: Made out of Stainless Steel Price R5,000 excl vat 1,800 x 370 x 310mm on legs, central outlet with valve 1 x Industrial...

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41 Stainless steel tanks for sale

R1,680 from

Vessels (Stainless steel)

Vessels 41 ( Stainless steel ) for sale: Please note the sale of these tanks were put on HOLD. So currently are NOT available. These 41 Stainless tanks/vess...

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photo Used Metal Detector Conveyor for sale


Detector – Metal Detector

Detector -  Metal Detector  for sale: 1 x Industrial Metal Detector conveyor for sale, Price - R58,000 excl vat Height 2,000mm, Opening Throat 410mm x 10...

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pic- Complete Sizing Plant for sale

R750 000.00 Excluding VAT

Complete Sizing Plant

Complete plant consisting of: belt conveyors,1 magnet belt conveyor, vibratory screen, screw conveyors, feeding bucket elevator, 4(Four) storage silos(Industria...

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Photo: Used Hobart mixer for sale

R20 000.00 Excluding VAT

Mixer – 25L Hobart

 Mixer For Sale: 1 x 25 L  Hobart Mixer for sale (Blue), Price R20,000 excl vat Blue base and Stainless steel Bowl. 3 Speed gearbox 380 Volt 1 Industrial...

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Photo: Used 500L pot for sale

R8,000 From each


 Pots For Sale:   1x  100 Litre Stainless Steel Pot for sale - R28,000 excl vat Make: Lab Jacketed pot, Capacity: 100 litre, Diameter: 460 mm, Depth: 600 mm, Si...

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photo Used Slurry Pumps for sale

R45 000.00 Each Excluding VAT

Slurry Pumps

Make: Rapid Allweier 37 kw, 1,450 rpm, 380 volt, Outlet: 120 mm, Inlet: 145 mm, With a 3 Phase induction motor.  

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photo Used Bottle filler for sale

R45 000.00 Excluding VAT

Bottle Filler

 Industrial bottle Filler For Sale: 1 x Filmatic Industrial Filling machine Price -  R45,000 excl vat.   Two Head Bottle Filler Make:  Filmatic Packaging system...

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pic 0,18 KW Labelling Machine for sale


Labelling Machine

  Labelling Machine( Stainless Steel )For Sale: 1 x Pre-owned Industrial labelling machine for sale, Price -  R35,000 excl vat Stainless steel Make: Pyra...

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photo Used Vapour degreaser for sale

R90 000.00 Excluding VAT

Degreaser – Vapour Degreaser

Make: W.Lee  (Ultra Plast), Complete with heater and cooler units with circulating pump Contact: Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike 08...

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R75 000.00 Excluding VAT


1 x Forklift for sale, 1996 Linde Diesel Forklift Capacity : 2500KG Type : H25D-02 Condition : Good, with container mask 1 Second hand Forklift for sale, ...

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photo Used Double door oven for sale

R22 000.00 Excluding VAT


1 x Double door industrial oven 1,500 x 1,060 x 1,100 Double Door 5 Elements 12 Kw each

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Photo of Tilting pot for sale

R13 000.00 Excluding VAT

Pot – Tilting Pot

tilting pot for sale: 1 x Used Tilting Pot for sale, Price - R13,000 excl vat Tilting Action 80 Liters 660 x 610 x 200mm Depth Electric 380V Dimension: 900 x 90...

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photo- Used Industrial Filter Press for sale

R175,000 excl vat From

Filter Press

 Filter Press For Sale: Refurbished Filter Press for sale - Price R246,000 excl vat (25 A). Capacity: 1,830 litres. Complete with hydraulic system,  49 P...

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photo Used Dust Collector for sale

R6 500.00 Excluding VAT

Dust Collector

Make: Delematic DCE Vortex 4 Kw Blower, 1.1 Kw Shaker. 18 Filter Bags Contact: Adele 081 490 3965/ desk@universatile.co.za Mike 082 410 4012/ mike@univer...

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photo Used Colloid Mill for sale

R35 000.00 Excluding VAT

Colloid Mill

 Colloid Mill For Sale: 1x Industrial Colloid Machine for sale, Price -  R35,000 excl vat Make: G.B.P. Italy model B100 Tensione: 380 HP 1.5KW: 1,1 Anno Fabric:...

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Used Stainless steel pressure vessel for sale

R12 000.00 Excluding VAT

Pressure Vessel

  Specs: - On legs - Height  2,400mm (2.4m) - Diameter 700mm (0.7m) - Domed top - Domed bottom - Central outlet 60mm - Working Pressure 700 Kpa ...

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photo Used Granulator for sale

R98 000.00 Excluding VAT


Motor:  Approx 37 Kw. 3 x Moving blades, 2 x Static blades, Blades length: 640 mm. Total height with feed hopper:  2,650 mm. Flywheel on main shaft. ...

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R8 000.00 Each Excluding VAT


Food quality belt,  Width: 650 mm, Length: 5 900 mm, Sides: 125 mm, Suitable for manual sorting, Motor & gearbox, Belt speed: 20 metre per min.

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Photo: Narrow Aisle Second Hand Forklift

R18 000.00 Excluding VAT

Forklift – Narrow Aisle Lift

 Forklift for sale - narrow aisle lift: 1 x Narrow aisle forklift for sale - pre-owned, not refurbished. Forklift Price:  R18,000 excl vat 1 Industrial F...

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Used Telsmith Jaw Crusher for sale

R260 000.00 Excluding VAT

Jaw Crusher

  Jaw Crusher. Telesmith New bearings and   liners. ( Corrugated )    

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photo Used Planetary mixer for sale

R48 000.00 Excluding VAT


560mm diameter x 530mm deep. 7.5 Kw Motor, Two Speed. 2 x Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Pots on wheels Paddles geared mechanism with hydraulic lift. Capacit...

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photo Used Industrial Filter Press for sale

R175 000.00 Excluding VAT

Filter Press

 Filter Press For Sale: 1 x Industrial Filter press for sale, Price - R175,000 excl vat (No23A) Approximately 1,970  litre, With automatic hydraulic system 60 M...

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